Hello! I'm Amanda Blair. I am a relationship coach, writer and curious mind.

I grew up in Northern California and left the West Coast at 25 to follow my dreams of making NYC my home. I’ve been here for 9 years and am more in love with the city now than I was 9 years ago. My journey to coaching started at birth. My childhood was great in many ways and traumatic in others and when I struck out on my own at 18, I really began to deal with the ramifications of those traumas in a new way. I was drinking too much, had crippling anxiety and was jumping from relationship to relationship- mostly with fellow addicts and emotionally unavailable men. These patterns lasted me through my 20’s and into my early 30’s.

Throughout my life I’ve explored different therapeutic and healing modalities. I got my 200 hour yoga teacher training at 27 and continued to teach for five years before retiring because I wanted to do more than lead people through asana, I really wanted to help humans heal. My healing journey got deeper when I started working one on one with Lacy Phillips 4 years ago. Throughout my 20’s I had gone to therapy and tried various different coaches, all helping me in some small way, but nothing like I experienced with Lacy. I had long been a psychology nerd and through her work, I began exploring brain chemistry, trauma and how it effects our brain and attachment theory. The spiritual work allowed me to get sober, heal from old wounds and raise my self worth. All of this allowed me realize my capabilities and finally fulfill my dream of teaching others what I had learned myself and begin coaching.

All of these roads has informed me as a coach. I’m lucky enough to apprentice under Lacy and refine my knowledge of manifestation and understand more deeply the energetics behind it. Why relationships? Relationships have always been a passion of mine and I have long been the advisor to friends on any relationship issue big and small. I believe relationships are our biggest assignments and the place where all our work really shows up or we get shown all the ways we need to do the work. My goal and objective is to help women (and men!) heal from their insecure attachment style or past wounds, raise their self worth, start living authentically so they can call in their ideal relationship.

I look forward to working with you and beginning this healing journey together!