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A simple trick

Recently, I stumbled upon a very simple trick that is helping me immensely. I spend a lot of time day dreaming about things I desire and the life that I want. Often, when I let my heart expand and show me what it is looking to create, I will come crashing back to reality with the mind interjecting things like, "that is impossible.", "nope, never going to happen." or my favorite, "how the hell would we make that happen?! No way!"

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Gratitude Meditation

Last week, out of nowhere (and divine intervention), my boss asked me if I wanted her Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within ticket. I jumped at the chance. Anything related to self growth and personal development is a must for me. I was also dying to see whether he lived up to his hype. You guys....he surpassed the hype.

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Self care tip

Self care is buzzing everywhere right now. The rise of the wellness industry has taken a term that has been around for ages, used by hippies and new age folk, and tossed it into mainstream. I am a hippie, new age-y and modern so, I love me some self care. It did take me until I turned 30 to finally start figuring out HOW to care for myself; now, I really think of it as parenting myself.

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