Photo by Todd Schmiedlin.

Photo by Todd Schmiedlin.


Do you have low self-esteem? Do you feel stuck in toxic relationships? Or unable to find the relationship you want? Do you have an insecure attachment style or aren’t sure what your attachment style is?I can help! Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a relationship coach. My approach is to guide you through digging into your limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in fear and not getting what you want. Once we identify your liming beliefs we can begin to clear them our and start the work of laying your true foundation- one rooted in trust, self worth and deep self love. I would love to help you fall deeply in love with yourself first and foremost so that you can begin to live the life of your dreams and find relationships that nourish and lift you up.

The first session overview:

A deep dive into where you are in your life and relationships. I'll ask about past, present and what you're looking for in the future. Through this information I'll be able to spot any blocks, limiting beliefs you may be working with and offer homework to guide you through healing. Homework will be in the form of books, meditations and visualizations.

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In a short time Amanda helped me truly figure out what I want in a relationship. I thought I had it nailed down, but she had me discover a whole other level of specificity I didn't know I craved. I walked away with a clear image of the type of man I want in my life and how I want to express myself in this world. I can't recommend working with Amanda enough!”

“I heard Amanda on the Expanded podcast in early April and related to so much of her story.  I was at a point where I was ready for help and I immediately reached out and scheduled an initial appointment.  From the first session, I felt heard, understood and valued.  She helped identify areas of my life where I could begin showing up in higher worth which served to build and grow my confidence and open my eyes to several new opportunities.  I found the courage to end relationships which were causing me a lot of pain, and began seeking opportunities which were leaving me feeling valued and encouraged.  In a very short amount of time, I was getting calls for interviews for positions which were aligned with my experience and would provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth – something that was very important to me in a new position.  Within two months of beginning my work with Amanda, I received an offer on a position which met everything on my list.  Not only did I elevate my title, I more than doubled my salary, enabling me to finish paying off debt and growing towards the life I have been working to manifest.

Amanda was the perfect coach and companion  throughout my journey, working with me to build clear and attainable goals while providing me with patient and compassionate support. The most wonderful part is that I feel like I have developed a friendship with someone who I respect and admire deeply.  I am so excited to continue working with Amanda while I work on continued growth and self-improvement.  I cannot recommend her enough!”

“It means a lot to have been able to share my past and not feel judged in any way, it takes a big heart to open up and hold that space like you did, I’m really glad we connected.”