Photo by Todd Schmiedlin. 

Photo by Todd Schmiedlin. 


Do you have low self-esteem? Do you feel stuck in toxic relationships? The two are deeply related and I would know, I spent the first part of my adult life struggling with both. Good news! I did the work and pulled myself out of the low self esteem and unfulfilling/toxic relationships. Why is this good for you? I can help you do the same! I am a love coach who focuses on not only raising your self-esteem to a healthy place but also, how to lift your relationships at the same time. I would love to help you create the life of your dreams and find the relationships that lift you up.

The first session overview:

A deep dive into where you are in your life and relationships. I'll ask about past, present and what you're looking for in the future. Through this information I'll be able to spot any blocks, limiting beliefs you may be working with and offer homework to guide you through healing. Homework will be in the form of books, meditations and visualizations.

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