A simple trick

Recently, I stumbled upon a very simple trick that is helping me immensely. I spend a lot of time day dreaming about things I desire and the life that I want. Often, when I let my heart expand and show me what it is looking to create, I will come crashing back to reality with the mind interjecting things like, "that is impossible.", "nope, never going to happen." or my favorite, "how the hell would we make that happen?! No way!" These interrupting thoughts create a tangled mess in "the mind" that I get caught in for long stretches and lose the feeling of peace my day dreams were creating inside of me. Instead, I end up feeling rejected, despair and frustrated. Does this happen to you?

I shared that I discovered the difference between acting from the mind versus the heart here and the doom and gloom thoughts impeding my day dreaming is the mind, or the ego, trying to take hold once again. The gratitude meditation is a fantastic way to switch back to living from my heart but, I've found a quick trap door to slip back down into my heart in less than a minute. The first thing I do when I feel myself getting tangled in thoughts of how-I-am-going-to-make-things-happen-is, stop. I notice the thoughts. I thank them for trying to protect me. And then I remember and say, it isn't my job to figure out the details of how. The Universe/Spirit/God is figuring it out for me! My job is to show up; do the work to get out of fear and come back to love. The how of something isn't really up to me. I can't control people, outcomes or circumstances. All I can do/control is how I am showing up to what I'm receiving in my life and surrender to the Universe and let myself be led. It really is THAT simple. I'll give you an example:

I met someone recently. He is exactly what I'm looking for and all around a wonderful man. But, he also just got out of a very serious relationship right before meeting me. The timing of our connection wasn't quite right and we parted ways to give him space to process his last relationship and for me to continue to move forward. We both said we think our time is to come. I have faith in that being true. However, any time I find myself day dreaming about the possibility of us coming back together, the mind will jump right in and list all of the reasons that is impossible and won't happen. When those thoughts come up, I simply stop. I notice and say thank you for trying to protect me. And then I remember and say, it isn't my job to figure out how we would make our way back to each other. It isn't my job to know the future or how the future will unfold. The Universe is doing that work for me and will guide me exactly where I need to be. Ah. Peace restored. 

Try it! See if it helps you too. I have faith that it will. I suspect a lot of us will be getting tangled as we move through eclipse season so, remember it isn't our job to figure out the how!