Meta meditation

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May you be happy. May be you safe. May you be strong. May you live with ease.

This Meta Meditation is for my fellow humans with anxious attachment. As I mentioned in my previous post, when we are activated our brain produces more dopamine. Dopamine suppresses serotonin, the feel good chemical in our brains. Meta meditation helps lift serotonin! This meditation is perfect to practice if you’ve been activated recently— I will say it will be the most beneficial if you first move your body in a way that feels good and requires effort. Movement/exercise releases endorphins and endorphins lower dopamine! Once your dopamine is lowered, park your booty down and raise your serotonin through this mediation, which will help you feel blissful.

Meta meditation:

Find a comfortable seat. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes (dealer’s choice) and close your eyes. Take 5 minutes to sink into the body, watch the breath and settle the mind. Once you feel yourself relax, bring to mind a teacher you cherish. It can be anyone and doesn’t have to be an actual teacher. Any human who you guides you. Once you picture them in front of you, repeat in your mind the 4 phrases: may you be happy. may you be safe. may you be healthy. may you live with ease. Say them three times. Upon the third round, sit for a few breaths and you see their image slowly fade from your mind. Now imagine yourself in front of you. I like to imagine my 5 year old self (I’m doing a lot of inner child healing) and my baby self. Repeat the 4 phrases, 3 times again. After the third round, sit and watch the breath. Next, imagine a neutral human in front of you. This is someone you feel nothing good or bad about. It’s helpful to pick someone you just saw on the street or subway but, choose whomever you feel is best. Repeat the 4 phrases 3 times. Again, after the third round sit and watch the breath, let the image of the person fade from your mind. Last, call to mind an “enemy”. Anyone who is brining out strife and tension inside of you. See them before you and repeat the 4 phrases. See if you can say these phrases with all the love and peace you can muster. Repeat the 4 phrase 3 times and then sit with your breath until the timer goes off. After the last person fades from your mind, I like to draw my focus to my heart and feel it’s beat and the loving feeling flowing through me. Radiate in the glow. When your timer goes off, open your eyes and enjoy!