Full moon in Aires

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Happy full moon in Aires friends! This is my moon and I have been feeling it lately. Have you? What first started bubbling up for me was anger. When I get energy work done they always tell me I am holding on to a lot of anger and I used to think they were full of shit. After this summer and the intensity of the moons/eclipses, I know they are right. Anger isn't an inherently negative emotion either; anger informs us that a boundary has been crossed. It can push us into action. It becomes negative if we let it sit, fester and don't feel it fully and then let it go fully-- in a peaceful and respectful manner to ourselves and others. For example, the state of the world is making many of us angry and it's pushing us to create change.  Anger can be a catalyst for good. 

This moon is asking us to let the things we've been pushing down, come up. It's asking us to dig deeper into what we perceive we want and ask, "Do I really want this?". For me, I've been noticing I think that I want a particular thing/person/experience but, when I dig into it I realize I don't. It's old programming that I haven't replaced with a newer, healthier and more serving pattern. For example, and this is a small example, when in my luteal phase (13-15 days before my period) allllll I want to do is eat. I want to eat when I'm not hungry and I want to eat more when I'm full. It's really tough part of my cycle for me. Last night, I had finished dinner and I was laying down contemplating making some sort of sugar free dessert for myself when I stopped to ask, "Do I really want to eat more?" The answer came really quick and it was "No!". What I really wanted to do was connect with a dear friend and hold a full moon ceremony. And I did! It was what I needed and I felt more satisfied than if I would have listened to my surface desire. 

The firey Aires moon is giving us the opportunity to do this work with everything. It's asking us to dig deeper into our desires and see what is below the surface. Let the digging help you release stagnant thoughts/patterns/relationships and close doors if needed. Digging deeper into the roots will get you closer to your truth and what you truly desire. I wasn't seeking food last night, I was seeking nourishment in the way of connection with a loved one. The more we allow the fire of this moon to burn away the things we don't need or that don't serve us, the closer we can get to living from our authentic selves and living a life aligned with the highest good. 

Full moon ritual

You can perform this alone or with others




Crystals (if you have them)


Incense, sage or palo santo




Go outside, if possible (if not, you won't need the blanket), and get under the moon. I like going to a park so, I'm with nature and can see the moon. If with friends, take a moment to come together and share what's been coming up for you to allow everyone to get grounded in the experience. If you're alone, close your eyes and take 5 minutes to breathe and feel whatever has been coming up for you. Light the candle, burn incense/sage/palo santo, and place your crystals in the middle of your gathering (or in front of you, if it's just you) and pass out the paper and pens. Everyone will write down feelings, thoughts, patterns, people, situations, expectations, etc that they want to release. One by one, roll the lists up and light (please practice fire safety!) and place in the jar. Allow each list to burn up, before putting another in. While a list is burning, watch the burn or close your eyes and offer a prayer to Luna or just allow yourself to be quiet. When everyone has burned their list, hold hands and chant "i release" 8 times. After the 8th "I release" hold hands, keep eyes closed and breathe together for a few minutes. Open your eyes! Voila. Be sure to extinguish the candles/flames, clean up the ritual without leaving a trace and walk away lighter! 

*the beautiful moon collage was created by: Rosie Sayers.