How do you meet someone in real life? I hear so many clients complain about online dating and that it’s the only way they can actually meet someone. But, what if it wasn’t? What i meeting someone in real life was just as easy?

Meeting potential partners in real life IS just as easy. However, I’m not going to provide you with steps to do externally to meet someone. All the work for meeting someone in person is internal, but you already know that! What exactly needs to be happening for in real life meeting to go down?

First and foremost, you need to be in your worth! You need know you are a child of the Universe you are worthy because you are here period. You know you don’t have to do anything, be anyone or be with anyone to be worthy. Your worth comes from the inside and it is strong. This means you are walking away from any and all situations that aren’t serving you and are trying to keep you small. You’re only in relationships (friendships included) that lift you up, support you and see your light (as you do them).

Second, you’ve done the work. You’ve unblocked and reprogrammed limiting beliefs as they shown up so far and feel some healing to your childhood wounds. You are able to watch yourself take new action that is aligned with your worth and your higher self. When tests come your way, you’re able to spot them and walk away with ease.

Third, and this is a really important one…You trust the Universe. What I see and hear happening is women go into EVERY situation outside of their home expecting to meet someone. They are searching and scanning every room, “is that my partner? What about them? They talked me? Are we meant to be?”. This is trying to control every situation versus trusting the Universe. If you think of the analogy of a an open hand with sand in it’s palm, the sand will slip through fingers when the palm is clenched around it. Not trusting the Universe, is doing exactly that, clenching your fist. If you keep trying to control every situation you’re in and you are expecting to meet someone at any moment, you’re not creating a lot of space for the Universe to come in a surprise you. Instead, do the above— be in your worth and do the work around why you don’t trust. Think back to a time the Universe really came through for you and use that to strengthen the trust you feel for your partner coming in.

Instead of trying to control when it happens, let go. Make your life a full sundae! Create a life that is full and meaningful to you. When you go anywhere make sure you’re dressed for you (no one else) and you’re in that particular situation because you genuinely want to be there to enjoy, not because there could be cute men/women there. Bryon Katie was telling Oprah the following on her podcast recently and it really stuck with me, to get out of God/the Universe’s business. Our business is being in our worth, doing the work, creating a full sundae of a life and building a community that we feel loved and supported by. When we meet someone is God’s business. Will it happen? OF COURSE! This is where trust comes in and to know in your bones the Universe has your back and is always working FOR you never against you. We have to trust.

If you’re feeling stuck about meeting someone in real life or it feels impossible, I look forward to connecting over a session.