Staying in your power


As we start to evolve, remove blocks and grow our self worth we will start to become more and more authentic. The layers of pretense we had been wearing for years will slowly start to fall off and our real self will begin to shine through. It’s a really beautiful unfolding and incredible to witness such growth in yourself. However, along with the beauty of this time there will also be tests.

As we become more authentic we will be put in situations where we must speak our truth, state our needs and wants to people and situations that feel terrifying. The situations feel terrifying because by standing in our power and speaking our deepest truth we are risking rejection, ridicule and criticism. How do we stay in our power in the face of others shadows?

It can feel easier to shrink and tone it down in the face of putting yourself in a spotlight and stepping outside of “normal” bounds. For example, a woman meets a dude. She’s unblocked herself, reprogrammed childhood wounds and is in her worth. She knows she’s looking for long term commitment and someone to have a start a family with and knows she won’t settle for less. This new dude is sending signals he’s not ready for something serious. Instead of continuing to go with the flow and just see where it goes, she instead tells the dude exactly what she wants and asks if he’s in alignment with those desires or not. It’s bold, its authentic and it’s vulnerable! The guy says he isn’t and they part ways. Technically, there was a rejection. However, we know my mantra rejection is protection! Standing in our power and authenticity will not always feel good. Part of staying inside your power is knowing that it will feel scary or lonely at times. When we open ourselves fearlessly (doesn’t mean lack of fear, it means taking action despite it) and vulnerably not everyone will respond to that with warmth, support and love. And that’s okay. We don’t need everyone to show us those things. We have to release the idea and expectation that everyone must love us or we are doing something wrong. This is a limiting belief! We get to be our truest selves and the people who love our particular way of being will be magnetized to us and those who aren’t will fall off. Let the fall of happen. It can sting and we must honor the feelings of disappointment when it happens and yet, still let it happen.

This journey of self growth and self discovery is not one of only rainbows and sunshine. There are thunderstorms, sudden down pours and maybe a tornado or two. I think there is an expectation that we will arrive at a certain point where everything becomes easy, feels incredible all the time and if not we are doing this self growth thing wrong. Nope! We are human, wonderfully imperfect and gloriously complex. We have layers upon layers and we will move through this path to ourselves throughout this lifetime and that’s an honor. It will not always feel good. We still feel sadness, disappointment, heartache, the sting of rejection even when we are being authentic. It’s part of our humanity to FEEL. However, these feelings when truly felt will help strengthen you to hold more and continue to stay in your power, no matter the test.

If staying in your power feels difficult, I look forward to connecting over a session.