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Single and the Holidays

Being single around the Holidays tends to get a bad rap. Movies depict this scenario as being sad and the single person (it’s usually a woman) longing for love. And the trope has stuck. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Being single isn’t a curse or something we are afflicted with or a burden. Being single is a time of self discovery, exploration and being selfish.

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The new relationship anxiety

So, you meet a guy. First date went well. He asked for a second date on the first, score. Second date went great too. There’s been some fun playful banter over text in-between seeing each other. Third date is even better. And now, you’re not really hearing from him. He’s still reaching out but, maybe there’s more time in-between his responses to you. The anxiety sets in. Is it me? What happened? Is he bailing?

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Foolish games

One of the biggest complaints I hear about dating as a love coach is the amount of games involved when seeing someone. I understand the complaint and I used to have a similar one even though I was out there playing all sorts of game too. Now, I recognizes games are useless and not needed. What is sorely need in place of games is radical vulnerability and boundaries. What’s the difference? Glad you asked!

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