I have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time- I am finally working solely for myself! It is terrifying and exhilarating and weird.

For the past three years I have worked for Dana James. The first two years was before my trip and I was her right hand woman. I ran the back end of her business and it taught me a lot about how to run a business. Previous to me getting hired I had told the Universe I was wanting to work in a wellness office surrounded by healers. I wanted to work for a woman who could teach me about running a business and that is what I found in Dana. She worked in a wellness office— when I cast my list, I didn’t even know if a wellness office was a real thing— and she taught me not only about running a business, but also a ton about my health. Healing my endocrine issues really started with her. When I got back from my trip, she rehired me and this time I focused solely on new clients and the more creative side of the business— social media, producing a live workshop for her, etc. She allowed me to work from home so I got closer to my dream of working for myself and having freedom to do it anywhere. I was coaching on the side and felt so grateful to still be supporting Dana while my own baby biz grew. Eventually, I switched over to full creative side of the business and loved getting the opportunity to produce a photoshoot and be more involved in social media.

However, Dana is a VERY busy woman who splits her time between coasts and we both started to feel like our arrangement was out of alignment for us. She wanted to focus more on the structure of her business and getting junior nutritionists under her to help with her over booked client load and I wanted to take the leap to focus on coaching full time. Leaving Dana has felt VERY weird! She’s been my boss for three years! I’ve wanted to be my own boss for 5-6 years and to suddenly have it arrive seamlessly on my doorstop has been incredible, but also daunting. I structured my day around doing work for her and then coaching was always on the side. Now, I have a wide open road to focus solely on building MY business and I’ve been struggling with finding the same seamless structure I had before. It’s a transitional time and I am honoring that transitions are wobbly! And that’s okay!

What feels wobbly? The structure aspect for sure— what do I do to build my business? etc. And also the fear of can I ACTUALLY do this? I have no doubt in my coaching abilities. Coaching women is the most gratifying thing I have ever done. What I’m still questioning is moments of doubt is can I support myself through just my work? I know the answer is yes, it’s just not something I’ve seen myself do before so the wobbles are still getting worked out. I do have all the tools to help myself feel grounded, confident and secure in this new position and that feels powerful.

Lucky for me, I am surrounded by friends and peers who are doing this dance already and can usher me into this new chapter with a lot of love, support and encouragement. It’s funny when the thing we’ve been praying for finally gets to us and more than celebration it feels like, “okay, now what?” Over the last week, that is what I’ve been asking myself. Okay, now what? I’m still figuring it out as I go, but slowly putting one foot in front of the other and gathering momentum as I do. I’ve watched myself do things I thought were impossible before and I know well enough now to know that I am deeply capable of whatever I set my mind too. I also know I am being led by the Universe and I can count on the Universe’s support. Those things I know for sure and they are propping me up as I find my balance inside this wonderful, new, and exhilarating new chapter.

Are you moving through any transitions right now? I’d love to hear about it so we can offer support to one another through them!