Right vs wrong


One question that I get asked a lot by clients is, “Did I do the right thing?” They will follow up that question up with worry about having done the “wrong thing”. This is what I tell them and what I want all of you to know too…THERE IS NO RIGHT AND WRONG when it comes to spiritual work.

I used to feel this way too and worry ENDLESSLY about each decision I was making and if it was the wrong or right choice. In this black and white mindset, I usually couldn’t see progress I was making (and then celebrate it!) and viewed everything I was doing through the lens of I was doing this all wrong. Does this sound like you? The black and white thinking is harmful! It’s keeping ourselves stuck in old programming and limiting beliefs. How do we get out of this black and white, right vs wrong thinking?

By realizing this- this work isn’t here to fix you. All this work is doing is helping you peel back layers of conditioning so you can see your truth.

Your real truth. Not the limiting beliefs and patterns set up inside childhood. Those are conditioning too! The work is to remove the layers, upon layers of the gunk so you can see how truly magnificent you are and how much light there is inside of you to shine out to the world. You are not broken! The choices/decisions you label as “wrong” are important lessons you need to learn to peel back another layer. I can’t tell you how many times I have run into the fire (to use Lacy’s words) in my life so let’s just say A LOT. Each time, I needed to run into that fire because I was learning. All those fires were helping me loosen the layer of conditioning I was working on at that moment and when I came back to myself, after running in, I was able to peel it back. All the “mistakes” led me to where I am right here and right now, talking to you. I can’t even call them mistakes as they were all part of the plan to help show me my own light and see my truest self.

The next time you feel like you failed a test or made a mistake or chose wrong, I want you to sit and close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart and take three deep breaths. Then ask your body what it feels? Disappointment? Anger? Sadness? Etc. Feel each emotion somatically (not letting any thought or story cut the feeling off and suppress it) until it passes. When you feel a sense of all the feelings inside of you have been felt, grab your journal and a pen. Write the situation at the top of the page and then free write about what you learned from the situation. How is it helping you peel back another layer of conditioning? How is it helping show you your deepest truth? This may seem like a small perspective shift, but it’s when this work starts to take on a whole new meaning and power. You tune in to yourself a little deeper and find more grace for yourself. It’s how we begin to deepen our self love and our self worth.

Try this out and let me know how it goes!

If you’re feeling stuck in right vs wrong, I look forward to connecting over a session!