No date for Valentines, no problem!


Hey human! Are you single on Valentines? Great. Me too! I think Valentine's day can be just as fun, if not more, single than being in a couple. I say more because the day can come with weird pressure if you’re dating someone. Will they do something romantic? What if they don’t? Etc, etc. When you’re single you can be the perfect amount of romantic for yourself as you need. Think you can’t be romantic for yourself? Think again!

In effort to show how I do this day, I’m sharing my favorite way to celebrate with a sexy, night in! Sexy night’s in aren’t limited to nights when we have a partner. We deserve romance allll the time and that means we gotta romance the heck out of ourselves! Here’s how I do it:

Night in:

Wear:- I love to get myself something pretty to wear on Valentine’s. In this case, I love a bright red bralette and silk hot shorts. I love being sexy just for myself it really helps me tap into my sensuality and feminine power.

Drink: On my night in, I would 100% be making a Kin Euphorics mock tail. Kin is a botanical, adaptogenic, neuotropic alcohol alternative and every time I drink it I feel my heart chakra opening. I love their tag line- rise wisely. It really does feel like a rise!

Watch: Like Crazy— it wouldn’t be Valentines without a romantic movie. Like Crazy is one of my all time favorites because it follows a couple that go through a lot of ups and downs, twist and turns and not just straight for the sappy happy ending. It’s a good one!

Candles: I also light all my candles and keep the lights lows to keep the mood right. This is about romance humans!

If you don’t want to be solo, invite your friends over and make it a pj party but, have them wear pj’s that make them feel sensual and feminine too.

Alright— what do you think? Will you be celebrating with a sexy night in or are you going out?

Top photo by: Tutti Del Monte