As I’ve stepped more fully into my role as a guide I’ve started to download a philosophy. It’s been a really empowering experience! One of the things that I’ve picked up is when doing deep spiritual digging (aka the work) there are 4 different phases we all go through:

Phase one- this phase is what will lead you to the work. You will annoyed, over everything and worn out. You won’t be sure what exactly is creating these feelings inside of you, but you will pushed to begin to discover what they could be. You will start to question why you’re making certain choices and if those choices are serving you. You will feel a call to go in.


Phase two- This is awareness phase! It’s a really exciting phase! You will begin to have the “a-ha” moments where you start to see things in a WHOLE new light and feel like the dirt covering your eyes is now disappearing. You will begin to see yourself and the choices you are choosing to make. The world will no longer seem like it’s happening TO YOU— you’ll see your responsibility now. This is the phase that you see you are not a victim.

Phase three- This is the trickiest phase. Now you have the awareness, but you will still watch yourself fall into old patterns. The difference is you KNOW you’re choosing this pattern and you watch how you respond, react, show up, etc. This will be frustrating. You will feel like you were doing so well and now you’re sliding back. NOPE. This is all part of the process and this phase is needed because it will give you the fire to get to phase four.

Phase four- blessed be! This is the phase where you have the awareness, you spot patterns AND you can walk away or avoid them altogether. It will feel like a revelation to be able to walk away or spot things and not even go down the road now. It will empower you further and help you plant more firmly in your worth, trust in your self and trust in the Universe.


When newly getting started in the work, these phases may take more time to work through. However, as you progress in the work, when you peel back a new layer you will be able to move through the phases quicker and with greatest ease. There still might be a layer that gets peeled back that is sticky, heavy and tender. Even years into doing this work, it could slow you down a tad. DO NOT FRET! It would just be you moving through something that is deep, perhaps a core wound, and you will still move through the phases. The phases are all important and you need each of them to move forward. If you’re in phase 2 and you see someone else in phase 4, do the best you can to keep your focus on you and your journey. This isn’t a race— although society has created an idea that it is— and we will all move at our speeds. Honor where you are and honor each step towards progress. The progress is what it’s all about. You got this! Keep going!

If you’re feeling stuck in any of these phases, I look forward to connecting over a session!