Fantasy vs reality


It’s really easy for us humans to get caught up living in a fantasy world. It can seem harmless, but it’s actually a huge block preventing us from digging deeper into our authentic selves and will prevent us from creating real change. Why? Change comes from being firmly rooted in our foundation, grounded there and when we are in fantasy we are like a balloon floating off into the heavens.


What do I mean exactly when I say living in fantasy? It may be you’re living in a fantasy about who you are and what you actually want to be doing. For example, you tell yourself you’re going to wake up at 6am every morning, meditate for an hour, practice yoga for an hour, journal and then go to work. When in reality, you aren’t a morning person so you’ll wake up at 7:30, grab some coffee, shower and then head in to the office. The fantasy you have of yourself will leave you feeling guilty and even shameful about not living up to it. The fantasy will keep you locked in those emotions, out of our foundation and unable to create change for yourself. It also means you are continually breaking your word to yourself. Keeping our word is how we build integrity and learn to trust ourselves— one of our foundational traits. Living in fantasy means you are always out of integrity with yourself.

In that example, if you want to start meditating you’ll need to be in reality for where you actually are right now. You’re waking up at 7:30am because you’re going to bed later and maybe not even sleeping that well. Be honest. Can you start going to bed 30 minutes earlier? Can you wake up at 7:15am and start by meditating for 5 minutes a day? Or are you not a morning person and do you want to meditate on your lunch break or when you get home? These are all ways to begin actually getting to know YOU and being honest with yourself and living in reality. Doing so will build your trust and integrity with yourself because once you’re in reality, you’ll be able to keep your word. Our word is a sacred bond. It’s how we are proving to our inner child we are here, we aren’t abandoning them and they are safe.

Have you been living in fantasy? I look forward to connecting over a session to help bring you back into reality.