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Live big, love big

Do you ever feel like you have to stand still to find love? I sure did. It's part of the reason I put off traveling for so long. It felt very scary to leave and be nomadic when I wasn't already in a relationship. It is, of course, the irony of the Universe that the moment I went traveling, I found my partner and entered into a beautiful 7 month relationship. The thing I was fearful would prevent me from finding love is exactly how I found it!

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Lessons learned while traveling

I have been back in the states for exactly one month and one day. This past month, I've gotten really quiet, gotten out in nature as much as possible so, I could integrate my trip as best I can. Last year I learned that giving myself space after transformative events is essential to my well being. If I don't give myself a pause to rest, reset and let all the new knowledge sink in after transformation then the changes get put on hold or on the back burner. Nothing is ever lost but, it just takes a whole heck of a lot longer to begin applying what was learned. So, I've allowed for the integrating.

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